Why "slow news?"

We believe that staying plugged in to the firehose that is the 24/7 news cycle nowadays can pose a serious detriment to one's mental health. At the same time, information that is really critical for understanding a big story oftentimes doesn't come out until many hours after it's started, and is much more easily lost in the sea of "white noise" articles and useless thinkpieces.

The Mission

To help people discover what it really means to be well-informed, by providing relevant news content from well-vetted and high-quality sources at human scale.

Published once each morning, and that's it.

We have a static selection of articles that is only updated once per day. We publish every day at 6 a.m. Eastern time. On Saturdays and Sundays, there is a weekend edition that has more featured content from the past week.

A selection of reputable international news outlets.

Say goodbye to "fake news" and to getting your news from the articles that your racist uncles share on Facebook. slowne.ws aggregates headlines from a choice of top international media organizations that are known for their fairness, quality and attention to the facts.

No social networks.

You won't find any links to share articles on Facebook or Twitter here. Why is that? We're all about helping you stay informed about the world, without perpetuating the system that allows Facebook or Twitter to choose what you see based on others' likes or retweets. Both of these networks include tracking scripts in their share buttons that can follow you around the Internet and siphon that information directly for their own benefit. Not cool.

No comment sections.

Have you visited a news website's comment section lately? If so, you probably regretted it. We don't have any time or room for trolls, so if you feel the need to comment on a story you can figure out your own way to do so.

Sanity filters to keep out the white noise.

We believe that a sane and healthy media diet should allow people to tune out the frenzy and chaos that can sometimes overcome today's news cycle. That's why filters are at the core of the service. Don't want to hear about the latest escapades of the US President for a few days? Switch on the filter and see only other stories of importance.

No "downvotes".

The best way to avoid an onslaught of trolls finding a way to game the algorithms and being able to hide articles they don't like? Don't have any algorithms in the first place.

No ads, no data mining.

Unless you choose otherwise, nobody should know that you were here except for you.* We don't use ad networks or glorified spyware to stay afloat, and we make a best effort to use as few CDNs and remotely-hosted scripts as possible. Any and all analytics data we collect about our visitors is locally hosted and shared with nobody other than us.

* Unfortunately, we can't affect analytics or tracking software on the websites of the news sources themselves.

Kicking bias to the curb.

Our editions prioritize investigative stories and "just the facts" style reporting from all parts of the world. Around these parts, we try to keep propaganda to a minimum.

Who are your sources?

A selection of reputed international media organizations such as Associated Press, The Guardian, France 24, Deutsche Welle, National Geographic, Ars Technica and more.

Can I suggest a source to add?

Of course — just contact us.